New life sought for 1987 Ferrari fished out of Amsterdam waterway

New life sought for 1987 Ferrari fished out of Amsterdam waterway

Scrapping company De Ooyevaar is looking for a new life for a 1987 Ferrari Mondial fished out of the IJ in Amsterdam earlier this month, 26 years after it was reported stolen. The usual agreement with the police is that the car be dismantled and recycled, but Lowie Hoedt Jr. just cant’ imagine doing so, he said.

According to De Ooyevaar, a lot of people have reached out to buy the scraps of the Ferrari mostly, enthusiasts and artists. The company claims that the car still has a lot of usable parts, but not for mechanical use anymore. It can be used for hobbies or art. De Ooyevaar received a lot of calls from people requesting to turn the engine block or the rims into furniture, like a salon table.

Hoedt himself would like to see the old Ferrari form part of Artis Zoo’s aquarium, part of which is dedicated to the underwater life of the Amsterdam canals. The idea was suggested by someone on social media and it quickly got him excited.

A spokesperson for Artis confirmed that the zoo had initial contact with the wrecking company. Once the team in charge of the aquarium returns from their holidays next month, they will discuss the Ferrari in greater detail.

Right now it is premature to say if the zoo can fit the car into its exhibit, the spokesperson said, but added that the idea has generated a lot of interest. “We will speak to him shortly, and then we will see if, and how, we can work together.”

In the meantime, the Ferrari will be parked at De Ooyevaar in Blokker. Those interested are welcome to come have a look at this rusted beauty, Hoedt said.